How to play Hidden & Dangerous 2 through Internet?

There are a few solutions to make it possible.


Solution #1: MTB-Clan Servers List.

It’s the easiest way to play via Internet. You just need to download the ‘HD2 Connector’ app (DOWNLOAD), open up the link (Click here!) and click on IP server you would like to join to.

*Remember, you need to install Hidden & Dangerous 2, Hidden and Dangerous 2: Sabre Squadron and patch to game (ver. 1.12) on your PC to be able to use that and be sure you can join any server!

*Don’t forget to create your own profile in the game.

*To play in Cooperative mode you need to install Hidden and Dangerous 2: Sabre Squadron addon as well as updated version of CMP. The latest version of CMP is v1.8.


Click on the image to download CMP v1.8 app.

How to Install CMP v1.8? (Click here!)


Solution #2: Adding the server to a favorite list.

To use the second way of connecting with server you need to add the server(s) to your favorites list by adding its IP and port number to the list. The whole list of available servers is here (Click here!).


Solution #3: ServerList.Bin.

This solution has an advantage since you can join the server shown directly in the in-game servers browser. It has a disadvantage too - if the server will be shut down - it will be still visible on the list.

You need to download the ‘ServerList.Bin’ file (DOWNLOAD HERE) and pasting it into the game folder (PlayerProfiles folder). You need to remember to refresh the list by clicking on 'REFRESH LIST' button. Under any circumstances DO NOT click on the 'UPDATE LIST' button as it will erase the whole list.